History of The Kindle Project

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Launching The Kindle Project!

The kids at City Academy have officially launched The Kindle Project!! They started using the Kindles recently and hopefully they will be able to post their thoughts and reactions about the Kindles here soon!  Check out the photo!!!

p.s.....raised some more money over the holidays for The Kindle Project at City Academy so I'm hopeful that the project will keep on growing!


  1. Dear Jack,

    Thank you so much for raising money for our school to buy Kindles. I really enjoyed reading the book from a Kindle, which was Out of My Mind. I also like the features like the font size changing, screen rotation, and the feature where a voice reads the book to you. Again, thank you for choosing our school for your Kindle Project!!!!!!

    Makayla Perkins-City Academy Student

  2. Dear Jack,
    I just love using the kindles their easy to use, and make me want to read more. I read Out of My Mind, and Alice's Adventure in Wonderland. I read both of the books in two days. I love th kindle and can't wait until we get more books on the kindle.Thank you again for donating the kindles to our school. It's a new and fun way of reading

    Elysse Price- city academy student

  3. Dear Jack,I enjoy the kindles there very easy and fun to use .One of the books i have read is Alice and Wonderland and i enjoyed reading the book on there because you can take your time reading or go fast or so thank you !

    -courtney elliott city acaademy

  4. dear jack,
    thank you for the awesome kindles that you donated to us. they are super easy to use and you can read on them.

    mark wheeler

  5. Dear Jack,
    Thank you do much for outstanding Kindles. You have made reading so much fun.THANK YOU
    Daysia Williams

  6. Dear Jack,
    Thank you so much for the Kindles the City Academy family really appreciate it! You ROCK! Thanks again for the nice gesture!

    Courtney J Harris