History of The Kindle Project

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Friday, September 3, 2010

What is The Kindle Project?
Lots of schools don't have the things they need for kids--like books! Kindles help kids and schools at the same time.  Once a book is on a Kindle, it can be stored there forever and it doesn't wear out or need to be replaced.  Lots of kids can read it!  Librarians won't have to spend as much money on books and can spend more time working with kids on their book choices and stuff like that. Kindles are lightweight and easy to carry too!

Where Did the Idea Come From?
The other day I went for a visit with my mom to a school in St. Louis called City Academy.  We heard that they needed some books for their library so I pulled together some of my  books and brought them down to the school.   The lady at the school, Ginger, was really nice and thanked us alot.  The school is neat.  When I was at the school, I asked Ginger if the kids at City Academy used Kindles.  She said that the school didn't have the money for those and the library budget was tight.  I told her how much I used my Kindle and how I really like to read now. I don't know why, I just do!  I started thinking that maybe there was a way I could help raise the money for some of the kids at City Academy to have Kindles to use.   

How Can You Help?
started by selling some of our old books (that weren't good for City Academy's library) to a book resale shop and I'm doing carwashes and a lemonade stand too.  We talked to our friends the Perrineaus and asked what they thought about the project. They liked it and are buying a Kindle for the school!   We thought that if we could get other people who love the written and spoken word to donate $200 each, it will be enough to buy a Kindle in their name and one book per Kindle to start.  Actually, any amount would be great! I thought I could try to have the back of each Kindle engraved with the City Academy logo and the name or a quote from the person donating it.  That way, the kids will have even more inspiration!

Where to send donations?
If you want to donate a check to The Kindle Project to cover all or part of the cost of a Kindle for the City Academy kids,  please send it to Ginger Imster, The Kindle Fund, City Academy, 4175 N Kingshighway, St. Louis, Missouri 63115. It's a 501c3 school, so donations are tax deductible too.    Another way is to send a gift card from Amazon.com that the school can use for Kindles and Kindle Books! 


  1. This is a great idea! Not only for your school, but schools all over the United States that can't afford Kindle Readers.

    Is there a way you could get some kind of group discount, or 'wholesale' price by saving up donations and ordering a bunch of Kindle Readers at once?

    Maybe you could negotiate special group deals with Amazon. A lot of large companies like to contribute to their Communities with charity projects.

    Just a thought..

    Barbara Cooper

  2. Great idea and good luck! Every student should have an ereader for sure!